My name is Dana, I am a 27 year old male. My interests lie mostly in politics, business and science, thus most of my posts will be in those categories. I am currently attending school at a university working on my bachelors degree in business administration.


I feel that there is a lot of information out there that most people don’t pay attention to, that is critically important for understanding what is going on locally, nationally and internationally. Too often I hear people speaking out against things which they know nothing of, other than what they have heard on the news. In my mind, it is imperative to give people an unbiased list of facts that everyone in our country should know, to help them better understand things that are occurring. I spend most of my day researching topics that interest me, and verifying facts independently. I believe most Americans would share my passion for changing the way our country operates if they only knew what was happening! So I have created a blog where the general theme will be “Things you should know”. I am hoping to spread information about topics which aren’t typically highlighted in the 30 minute news spool, and get down to the facts that matter.

If you are interested in learning about things most people don’t know about politics, the political process, scientific advancement, international conflict or many other topics, you have come to the right place. While I do my own research, I often prefer to use experts in the field to cite for sources, as I am no expert in any particular realm. I am debating citing sources in my posts, however I may not (at least initially). But do understand that whether a source is cited or not, the information I provide will almost always come from a reliable source. The meat of the articles however will be my opinion (because lets face it, I’m writing on these topics because I have found facts to support my ideas, and form new ideas which I am sharing).


Happy reading!


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