Why Fox!

Why do news companies like Fox sell drama? They’ll state two facts then spout unsupported opinion for five sentences that have little to do with the topic, nothing to do with the spread of information and awareness, are very biased, focus more on who’s winning and losing than what’s truthful or not, then expect people to trust them. Here’s a great example from an article I was reading today on the Fox News application:
“President Obama, at his second campaign stop Friday following a dismal June jobs report, dropped a line from his speech in which he cited the faint job growth as a “step in the right direction.”

The president had taken heat for the comment from both the Mitt Romney campaign and Republican National Committee.

“Seriously?” Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul said in an email earlier that drew attention to the remark. She noted the 80,000 jobs recorded in June are far below the 130,000 to 150,000 it takes to keep pace with population growth.”

First off, 80,000 jobs in a month is not dismal. Don’t use words like dismal because that implies it is far worse than it is. Second, the article focuses more on how bad Obama is doing, and with the “seriously?” Statement from Romney’s spokesperson also implying the president is doing a bad job. Third, where does this 130,000-150,000 number come from? Are there really 150,000 more people entering our workforce a month than are leaving it? Or is this another skewed statistic that doesn’t take into account people leaving the workplace (retiring, etc) and is just here to bash our president? Fourth, can I as a citizen verify this number as being accurate? BLS.gov is the only site I can think of that would have this kind of information, yet after twenty minutes of searching was unable to conclusively determine the above information to be true. Most importantly, the average American citizen will most likely not go through the trouble of searching the internet for this information, and we shouldn’t have to rely on this as we should simply be able to rely that the information we are being told by the media is true.

So this is an unverifiable number and I am supposed to just take their word that our president is doing a “dismal” job. I don’t think any agency should be selling news and creating drama. I would liken this to the KKK being in charge of handling EoE cases, fox news clearly has a vested interest in selling news and creating profit, and this is the garbage that sells so they produce it. I hope that one day we can have a fair an unbiased source of information so widely available as Fox News is now.


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